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Pressemeddelelse fra HundrED:


Global Education Innovation Spotter HundrED Announces Norden i skolen as one of the Winners of its Inaugural Spotlight on Bilingual Education

● Norden i skolen was selected to be featured in the HundrED 2020 Spotlight on Bilingual Education out of hundreds of submissions from around the world.
● Norden i skolen has been recognized as one of the leading innovations in bilingual education by an Advisory Board of over 40 education experts from around the world.


Helsinki, Finland: The announcement of the selected innovations for the HundrED Spotlight on Bilingual Education in partnership with the Swedish Cultural Foundation is set for September 21st, 2020 -Today, over half of the world’s population is, to some degree, bilingual. Bilingual education helps students to understand and experience other languages and cultures, and therefore plays a key role in advancing mutual tolerance. This Spotlight highlights creative solutions that enable schools all over the world to promote and foster bilingualism by encouraging positive attitudes towards language learning and awareness.


HundrED received submissions from over 20 countries for this inaugural Spotlight. These innovations targeted students, teachers & educational leaders on vital aspects of bilingual education such as language identity, intercultural communication & authentic language learning.


Innovations from all over the world promoting bilingual education were collectively reviewed by an expert Advisory Board, the HundrED Research Team, and members of the Swedish Cultural Foundation. The HundrED Advisory Board consists of various stakeholders in education they are thoroughly and selectively chosen with an emphasis on maintaining a diversity of perspectives. Every potential innovation is then carefully analyzed and discussed to evaluate which are the most impactful and scalable.


Norden i skolen (Norden in School) was chosen based on its pioneering work in the field of bilingual education and its ability to create sustainable and scalable impact. Norden i skolen is a forum where Nordic students can genuinely experience and connect with their closely related neighboring languages and countries through common Nordic themes, subjects, and perspectives. It has already scaled to 8 countries, with the ambition to share best practices with innovators globally. The idea of a network connecting teachers and students to their neighboring countries and encouraging language learning has the potential to be set up in other contexts and countries and help build cultural and linguistic understanding.

Thomas Henriksen, Head of the School, Culture and Education Department at The Confederation of the Norden associations and the initiator of Norden i skolen said: "Norden i skolen has succeeded in bringing teachers and pupils from all Nordic countries together on the same shared platform while introducing new IT didactical ideas to the internordic language and culture education – an area that has been struggling to find the right approach and shape for years. Being selected for the HundrED Spotlight means a lot for the Norden i skolen team and will induce us to challenge and push the boundaries for authentic language and culture education in the Nordic countries even further."

Saku Tuominen, Chairman & Creative Director of HundrED said: “Spreading innovations across borders can be a gamechanger for education, worldwide. We will continue to encourage as many stakeholders as possible including schools, educators, administrators, students, and organizations to get involved so that we can work towards a positive future.”

The HundrED 2020 Spotlight on Bilingual Education is available to download on the HundrED website at no cost. For more information on the HundrED Spotlight on Bilingual Education visit: https://hundred.org/en/collections/bilingual-education

More information about Norden i skolen can be found by visiting the innovation page